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Annual Meeting 2023 - Cambridge, UK: ECR event, Workshops, and Tours

If you wish to attend a workshop but at time of registration no places are left, please contact the meeting organiser (Dr Alex Liu; to be placed on a waiting list. 

Early-Career Researcher Event: Monday 11th September

There will be an ECR event on the afternoon of Monday 11th September, with the theme “Palaeontologists for the Future”. 

Annual Meeting 2023 - Cambridge, UK: Symposium

The 2023 Symposium will be held on the afternoon of Tuesday 12th September, addressing the topic Ecosystem Engineering through Deep Time.  The schedule has been modified from previous years to attract a broader range of current research and researchers.  The new format includes six volunteered oral presentations, focusing on how particular groups, habits or evolutionary innovations have (re-)defined physical environments through time.  The Symposium schedule is as follows: 

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