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Article: The true Rhynchonella

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 1
Publication Date: November 1957
Page(s): 1 15
Author(s): D. V. Ager
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AGER, D. V. 1957. The true RhynchonellaPalaeontology1, 1, 1–15.

Author Information

  • D. V. Ager - Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, SW 7.

Publication History

  • Manuscript Recieved 16 April 1957.

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The Palaeontological Association (Free Access)


The well-known brachiopod genus Rhynchonella was erected by Fischer de Waldheim in 1809. It was founded on a new species R. loxia from the Upper Jurassic of the Moscow region. On the basis of topotype material, this species is here revised and redescribed with details of internal structures not previously studied. Other species which may belong to Rhynchonella s.s. are also discussed.

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