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Article: Tertiary Bivalvia from Libya

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 5
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1962
Page(s): 1 8
Author(s): L. R. Cox
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COX, L. R. 1962. Tertiary Bivalvia from Libya. Palaeontology5, 1, 1–8.

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The paper supplements existing accounts of the Tertiary mollusca of Libya, which are mostly by Italian authors, by describing several species, either new, newly recorded from this area, or imperfectly known previously. The species in question, which belong to the families Ostreidae, Vulsellidae, and Anomiidae, are as follows: Ostrea syrtica sp. nov. (Oligocene); Ostrea (Platygena) asiatica Romanovsky (Eocene; a Central Asian species now recorded from North Africa for the first time); Euphenax variolosa (Oppenheim) (Eocene; transferred from Plicatula and previous descriptions supplemented); Anomia desioi sp. nov. (Eocene); Carolia libyca sp. nov. (Eocene); Placenta (Indoplacuna) africana sp. nov. (Miocene).
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