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Article: An Early Cenozoic neoselachian shark fauna from the Southwest Pacific

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 51
Part: 6
Publication Date: November 2008
Page(s): 1341 1365
Author(s): Al A. Mannering and Norton Hiller
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MANNERING, A. A., HILLER, N. 2008. An Early Cenozoic neoselachian shark fauna from the Southwest Pacific. Palaeontology51, 6, 1341–1365.

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An early Cenozoic shark fauna, comprising at least 16 taxa, is described from Paleocene sedimentary rocks on the South Island of New Zealand. Although representing a remote Southern Hemisphere location, the fauna includes forms closely comparable to contemporary species from the Northern Hemisphere, in addition to the new species Chlamydoselachus keyesi and Centroselachus goordi. Comparison with closely related extant species suggests the fauna may be interpreted as a deep water one, typical of the outer continental shelf and upper slope. However, after palaeogeography, sedimentology and mineralogy of the enclosing rock, and the nature of similar faunas from elsewhere are taken into consideration, the fauna is interpreted to have occupied a mid-shelf environment.
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