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Article: Microplankton from the Cambridge Greensand (Mid-Cretaceous)

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 7
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1964
Page(s): 37 59
Author(s): I. C. Cookson and N. F. Hughes
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COOKSON, I. C., HUGHES, N. F. 1964. Microplankton from the Cambridge Greensand (Mid-Cretaceous). Palaeontology7, 1, 37–59.

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Thirty-eight species of dinoflagellates (including hystrichospheres) and of acritarchs of uncertain systematic position are recorded from the Cambridge Greensand; eight of these are new, and several others are recorded for the first time in Europe. Rock samples studied include six from the Gault immediately below, and five from the lowest Chalk Marl which continues above the 'greensand'. Evidence for the early Cenomanian (Varians Zone) age of the Cambridge Greensand is discussed.
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