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Annual Meeting 2018 - Bristol: Field-trips

Number: 62nd Annual Meeting
Year: 2018
Location: Bristol
Hosted By: University of Bristol
Organised By: Dr Jakob Vinther and colleagues
General Contact Email:


More information on the field-trips will apear here over the coming weeks.

We will run two field-trips. Places for both trips will be limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Field-trip 1:

We will visit the classic Triassic-Jurassic section in Watchet, North Somerset. At this locality, well-preserved ammonites can be found with ammolite-quality nacre. Soft bodied coleoids and vertebrate remains are also regularly found. This will be both a fossil-hunting trip as well as a chance to see some spectacular geology and Alpine folding. Please remember that as this is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) no hammering will permitted on the bedrock, although loose blocks can be split, of which there are plenty. Due to the tide schedule we will need to make a very early start in the morning. In return we will visit a local pub with a magnificent West Country cider selection and have fish and chips.

Departure time 07.00. We will leave from Hawthorns on the corner of Woodland Road and Elton Road. Expect to return in the afternoon.

Field-trip leaders: Benjamin Moon and Jakob Vinther


Field-trip 2:

At the end of the Triassic the Bristol area was located in tropical lagoons surrounding limestone islands. While the classic Rhaetian bone beds were accumulating during offshore storms, cracks in the rocks of the islands were gathering skeletons of reptiles and mammals. We will visit Aust Cliff, famous Rhaetian bone bed site, Manor Farm, and Cromhall, one of the famous Bristol fissures sites. Lunch will be served in a local hostelry.

Departure time 08.30. We will leave from the Hawthorns on the corner of Woodland Road and Elton Road. Expect to return in the afternoon.

Field-trip leaders: Mike Benton, David Whiteside and Pamela Gill


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