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Annual Meeting 2020 - Virtual Meeting: Programme

Number: 64th Annual Meeting
Year: 2020
Location: Virtual Meeting
Hosted By: Oxford University Museum of Natural History, UK
Organised By: Organising committee chaired by Dr Jack Matthews
General Contact Email:


The complete abstract booklet can be downloaded here: Palaeontological Association Annual Meeting 2020 - Abstract Booklet.

Presentation Formats 

The organisers of the Annual Meeting would like to emphasise that all presentation formats have equal importance. The three different presentation styles offer varied ways to present research and discuss it with colleagues. In all cases presenting authors will be able to deliver their research, and debate the content with other attendees at the Annual Meeting.   

Talks: This year’s Annual Meeting will feature two styles of talk: Standard and Flash. Presentations will be made live, online, over the Webinarjam system, with attendees able to ask questions via the chat function, which will then be put to the speakers by the Session Chair. In extenuating circumstances, presenting authors will be able to submit a prerecorded presentation; however, the expectation is that authors will give their presentation live, and be available to respond in real time to questions from attendees.   

All presentation should be in PowerPoint or PDF. We regret that slide animations cannot be included. Video can easily be played within the Webinarjam system. Presentation files must be smaller than 80 MB. Presentation files, including YouTube URL’s for videos presenters wish to use, will need to be submitted in the week prior to the Annual Meeting. We apologise for the restrictions put in place, but hope presenters will recognise this is for the smooth and efficient running of the meeting. By having presentations securely pre-loaded into the presentation system ‘cloud’ we eliminate the need to use bandwidth-consuming screen-sharing, and in so doing make the meeting more accessible to those with varying levels of internet connection.  

All talk presenters are offered the opportunity to have their talk recorded and published on the Association YouTube Channel. If you do not wish your talk to be recorded and published online, please select ‘No’ under the permissions section of the abstract submission form.  

The challenges of running an online conference, especially one with parallel sessions, means that timing is very important. We would like to impress upon speakers that it is vital their talks do not over-run. The Session Chairs will be very strict in ending talks that run over their allotted time, to ensure the Annual Meeting stays on schedule. 

Standard Talk: Speakers will be allocated 15 minutes. It is expected that speakers will prepare presentations of no more than 12 minutes, allowing time for questions.

Flash Talk: Speakers will be allocated 5 minutes, in which they may present up to 3 slides (not including a title slide). At the end of flash talk sessions, there will be a panel question session for all presenters in that session.  

Posters: Posters may be portrait or landscape, and there is no set size, however presenters are recommended to consider designs that will work well when viewed on a typical screen. Posters will be submitted and be available to view through a password-protected portal on the PalAss website. Posters should be submitted in PDF format. Online, interactive poster sessions will be organized to promote live debate and discussion between presenters and attendees. 

Training and Guidance: The Organisers will be providing training on how to use the online presentation system, and well as support and guidance on presenting at a virtual meeting. This will be available in advance of the meeting to all presenters. 

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