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Newsletter Regional Correspondents

At the Palaeontological Association, we have Regional Correspondents, who cover the entire globe, to inform us on particular social, economic, political and other challenges that students and researchers in their region might be facing and that might affect their studies, scientific work and contributions. The ultimate aim of this action is for us to stay updated, particularly as western media can be selective in their coverage. Our current regional correspondents are as follows:

Hiu Wai Lee

Region: Hong Kong

Affiliation: University of Hong Kong

Position: PhD student 

Research/job focus: Interested in how the skull evolves and develops in archosaurs, particularly in pseudosuchians.

Miguel Díaz de León

Region: Mexico

Affiliation: The National Technological Institute of Mexico

Position: Substitute teacher

Pronoun: He/Him

Research/job focus: Vertebrate paleontology, virtual paleontology

Christina Ozeki

Region: Japan

Affiliation: Kyoto University

Position: PhD candidate

Research/job focus: Focuses on the stages of decomposition of large, marine vertebrates through geological time.

Lukáš Laibl

Region: Czech Republic

Affiliation: Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geology

Position: Researcher

Pronouns: he/him

Research/job focus: Focuses on the morphology, evolution, and development of various Paleozoic arthropods. 

Devapriya Chattopadhyay

Region: India

Affiliation: Indian Institute of Science Education & Research Pune

Position: Associate Professor

Pronouns: She/her

Research/job focus: Understanding how marine mollusks respond to their physical and biological environment in the ecological and evolutionary time scales. 

Photo courtesy: Science Media Centre, IISER Pune. 

Miky Lova Tantely Ravelson

Region: Indian Ocean

Position: Researcher

Pronouns: Mr

Research/job focus: Interest on Sauropod Dinosaur

Jean Vannier

Region: France

Position: Senior Researcher

Research/job focus: Early life, late Precambrian and lower Palaeozoic faunas and marine ecosystems (based of Fossil-Lagerstätten).

Rudy Lerosey Aubril

Region: USA

Position: Research Associate

Research/job focus: Cambrian exceptionally preserved biotas

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