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Article: Biostromes in the Namurian Great Limestone of northern England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 2
Publication Date: May 1958
Page(s): 147 157
Author(s): G. A. L. Johnson
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JOHNSON, G. A. L. 1958. Biostromes in the Namurian Great Limestone of northern England. Palaeontology1, 2, 147–157.

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Recent research has shown that the base of the Great Limestone of northern England lies close to the junction between the Lower and Upper Carboniferous and this stratum has thus gained a new significance. The fauna and lithology of three biostromes, the Chaetetes Band, Brunton Band, and Frosterley Band, which occur persistently in the Great Limestone are described in detail. Two of these, the coralline Chaetetes Band and the algal Brunton Band are new; they are of widespread occurrence in northern England. The Frosterley Band (Dunham 1948) is mainly restricted to the Alston Block. A new fossil alga Calcifolium bruntonense sp. nov. is described and figured.
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