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Article: A Carboniferous Selaginellites with Densosporites microspores

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1958
Page(s): 245 253
Author(s): William G. Chaloner
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CHALONER, W. G. 1958. A Carboniferous Selaginellites with Densosporites microspores. Palaeontology1, 3, 245–253.

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Selaginellites canonbiensis sp. nov., a small lycopod cone compression from the Upper Carboniferous of Scotland, is described and figured. Its megaspores agree with the spore species Setosisporites hirsutus, and its microspores are of the Densosporites type. Populations of spores of these two types associated in the Shafton Coal, Yorkshire, compare closely with those from the cone. This correlation suggests that Selaginellites may have been the dominant component of the vegetation which gave rise to Densosporites-rich coals of the durain type.
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