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Article: Arenaceous Foraminifera from the type Kimeridgian (Upper Jurassic)

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1959
Page(s): 298 320
Author(s): Adrian J. Lloyd
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LLOYD, A. J. 1959. Arenaceous Foraminifera from the type Kimeridgian (Upper Jurassic). Palaeontology1, 4, 298–320.

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A series of 105 samples with an average vertical spacing of 12 ft. was collected to span the Kimeridge Clay of the Dorset Coast. The dominant element of the foraminiferal faunas comprised members of the family Lagenidae; agglutinating forms were an important accessory. The proportions of potentially agglutinable materials in each of twenty-seven samples were determined. A study was also made of the materials used by the 'arenaceous' foraminifera in building their tests. The two sets of results indicate that species agglutinate a preferred grain-size and, in some cases, a preferred type of material. This agrees broadly with Hofker's (1953) conclusions. Systematic descriptions are given of twenty-five species of arenaceous foraminifera, referred to eight genera. Three species are new.
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