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Article: The Martiniopsis-like spiriferids of the Queensland Permian

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1959
Page(s): 333 350
Author(s): K. S. W. Campbell
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CAMPBELL, K. S. W. 1959. The Martiniopsis-like spiriferids of the Queensland Permian. Palaeontology1, 4, 333–350.

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The three brachiopod genera Martiniopsis Waagen, Notospirifer Harrington, and Ingelarella nov. are included in the new subfamily Ingelarellinae of the family Spiriferidae. The detailed morphology of the group is discussed, Notospirifer is redefined, and Ingelarella and its type species are described. It is concluded that Martiniopsis is restricted to the Tethyan-Ural area, while Notospirifer is as yet recorded only from Australia, and Ingelaretta occurs in Australasia, Argentina, and possibly Pakistan and Kashmir. All three genera appear to be restricted to the Permian (Sakmarian-Tartarian).
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