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Article: A new plant from the lower Old Red Sandstone of South Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 11
Part: 5
Publication Date: December 1968
Page(s): 683 690
Author(s): Dianne Edwards
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EDWARDS, D. 1968. A new plant from the lower Old Red Sandstone of South Wales. Palaeontology11, 5, 683–690.

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A new plant is described from the Senni Beds of the Lower Devonian of South Wales. The naked axes were pseudomonopodially and dichotomously branched and contained protosteles in which the protoxylem was central. Terminal fructifications consisted of sporangia alternating with sterile bracts; the plant was homosporous. A comparison is made with other Devonian genera, which show similar organization in the fertile regions, and it is concluded that the plant should be placed in a new genus, Krithodeophyton, assigned to the Barinophytaceae (Incertae sedis).
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