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Article: New xiphosurid trails from the Upper Carboniferous of northern England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 13
Part: 2
Publication Date: August 1970
Page(s): 188 190
Author(s): P. G. Hardy
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HARDY, P. G. 1970. New xiphosurid trails from the Upper Carboniferous of northern England. Palaeontology13, 2, 188–190.

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Trails from the lower surfaces of sandstone bands in the Upper Haslingden Flags (G Stage, Namurian) of the Rossendale area of Lancashire are attributed to arthropod (xiphosurid) activity. The trails are associated with Pelecypodichnus Seilacher which here result from the activity of non-marine bivalves. The xiphosurid trails are therefore considered of non-marine origin. The trails differ from those previously described in that in addition to walking activity, burrowing by the xiphosurid is recorded. For convenience these new trails are referred to Kouphicknium rossendalensis sp. nov.
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