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Article: Silicified Lower Devonian trilobites from New South Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 22
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1979
Page(s): 799 837
Author(s): B. D. E. Chatterton, B. D. Johnson and K. S. W. Campbell
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CHATTERTON, B. D. E., JOHNSON, B. D., CAMPBELL, K. S. W. 1979. Silicified Lower Devonian trilobites from New South Wales. Palaeontology22, 4, 799–837.

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A silicified trilobite fauna, consisting of eighteen taxa belonging to at least fifteen genera, is described from the limestones of the upper Lochkovian to lower Pragian Garra Formation, in the vicinity of Wellington Caves, New South Wales, Australia. Seven new species are described: Proetus (Coniproetus) irroratus, Otarion listron, Otarionella taganon, Acanthopyge (Lobopyge) australiformis, Paciphacops microps, Leonaspis wellingtonensis, and Koneprusia brikelos. Species of Proetus (Coniproetus), Otarionella, Primaspis (Taemasaspis), Koneprusia, and Ceratocephala are described for the first time from Pragian strata in Australia. These additions support the views of Campbell and Davoren (in Talent et al. 1972) that the Lower Devonian trilobite faunas of Australia have their greatest affinities with the 'Old World' faunas of North Africa and central Europe, although recent work has shown that there are also affinities with faunas from Japan. The pygidium of a new, unnamed species of Acanthopyge (Lobopyge), from the Zlichovian Warroo Limestone of the Taemas Formation, near Good Hope, is illustrated and discussed.
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