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Article: The crocodilian Bernissartia in the Wealden of the Isle of Wight

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 22
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1979
Page(s): 905 912
Author(s): Eric Buffetaut and R. L. E. Ford
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BUFFETAUT, E., FORD, R. L. E. 1979. The crocodilian Bernissartia in the Wealden of the Isle of Wight. Palaeontology22, 4, 905–912.

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Isolated rounded teeth from the Wealden of the Isle of Wight are shown to belong to the small crocodilian Bernissartia, hitherto known only from the Wealden of Belgium. A partial skeleton from the Wealden of Hastings, described by Owen as 'Crocodilus saulii', is also referred to this genus. Similar rounded teeth have also been found in the Wealden of eastern Spain, and possibly in the Lower Cretaceous Trinity Formation of Texas. The crushing posterior teeth of Bernissartia are probably indicative of a specialized diet including a large proportion of hard-shelled molluscs.
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