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Article: Isolated algal cysts in the Palaeocene–Lower Eocene of Kurdistan

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 29
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1986
Page(s): 739 741
Author(s): Graham F. Elliott
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ELLIOTT, G. F. 1986. Isolated algal cysts in the Palaeocene–Lower Eocene of Kurdistan. Palaeontology29, 4, 739–741.

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Individual spherical bodies from a richly algal deposit in the Palaeocene-Lower Eocene of Kurdistan are described in detail and interpreted as detached cysts from a dasycladalean alga believed to resemble Halicoryne (Cenozoic-Recent). The fossils are named Sedalanella segonzacae gen. et sp. nov.
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