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Article: Upper Silurian Bryozoa from Central Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 3
Part: 1
Publication Date: May 1960
Page(s): 69 74
Author(s): D. E. Owen
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OWEN, D. E. 1960. Upper Silurian Bryozoa from Central Wales. Palaeontology3, 1, 69–74.

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A thin band of limestone in the Gypidula beds of the Lower Ludlow succession of Builth was described by S. H. Straw (1937) as being made up of shells and nodular Bryozoa. The Bryozoa are described and shown to belong to eight species, seven new and one described by R. S. Bassler (1906) from the Rochester Shale. They are Fistulipora umbrosa sp. nov., F. strawi sp. nov., Dekayella megacanthopora sp. nov., D. ramosa sp. nov., Leioclema explanatum Bassler, Monotrypa flabellata sp. nov., Rhombopora minima sp. nov., and Ptilo-dictya gracile sp. nov.
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