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Article: Fossil oak wood from the British Eocene

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 3
Part: 1
Publication Date: May 1960
Page(s): 86 92
Author(s): Donald W. Brett
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BRETT, D. W. 1960. Fossil oak wood from the British Eocene. Palaeontology3, 1, 86–92.

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The circumscription of the organ-genus Quercinium Unger is discussed in relation to the wood structure of the Recent oaks and emended so as to include fossil wood conforming to the wood of the living species of Quercus L. and Lithocarpus Blume, since the wood of these genera is anatomically indistinguishable. Quercinium quercoides (Goepp.) Edwards is designated type species, and the name Quercinium Unger recommended as a nomen conservandum against the earlier valid name Kloedenia Goeppert. Two fossil woods, each with a type of structure found today in species of tropical evergreen oaks, are described and figured: Quercinium porosum sp. nov. from the Woolwich Beds (Landenian), Herne Bay, Kent; Quercinium pasanioides sp. nov. from the London Clay (Ypresian), near Ipswich, Suffolk.
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