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Article: A deductive enquiry system for a palaeontological database of museum material

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 33
Part: 3
Publication Date: August 1990
Page(s): 613 622
Author(s): M. Jennifer Rogers, Desmond T. Donovan and Michael H. Rogers
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ROGERS, M., DONOVAN, D. T., ROGERS, M. H. 1990. A deductive enquiry system for a palaeontological database of museum material. Palaeontology33, 3, 613–622.

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The use of database management systems for cataloguing museum material is becoming widespread. Recent advances in database management systems indicate that in future such systems will have a range of increased facilities, including deductive capabilities and natural language interfaces for casual enquiries. In order to explore some of the consequences of these developments for museum catalogues, a prototype system has been written and examples of its use demonstrated. These show that such systems will have significant research potential in a number of areas in geology in addition to taxonomy.
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