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Article: Upper Triassic brachiopods and lamellibranchs from the Oman Peninsula, Arabia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1961
Page(s): 1 41
Author(s): R. G. S. Hudson and R. P. S. Jefferies
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HUDSON, R. G. S., JEFFERIES, R. P. S. 1961. Upper Triassic brachiopods and lamellibranchs from the Oman Peninsula, Arabia. Palaeontology4, 1, 1–41.

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Norian brachiopods (4 species) and lamellibranchs (25 species, 2 subspecies) from the Asfal and Sumra Formations (Elphinstone Beds) of the Jebel Hagab area, Oman, Arabia, are critically identified, new morphological features being described. The fauna shows considerable resemblances to those of the same age from Spiti, Central Himalayas, and Indonesia, notably Misol. Brachiopods described include Hagabirhynchia ambica gen. et sp. nov., and Misolia lenticulata sp. nov. New species and subspecies of lamellibranchs are Modiolus omanensis, Indopecten amusiiformis, I. clignetti (Krumbeck) asperior, Palaeocardita trapezoidalis (Krumbeck) leesi, and Thracia proavita. Structural colour-banding in Indopecten is discussed.
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