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Article: Bucaniid gastropods from the Upper Ordovician of Baltica, with a discussion of the Bucaniinae

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 42
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1999
Page(s): 149 169
Author(s): Jan Ove R. Ebbestad
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EBBESTAD, J. R. 1999. Bucaniid gastropods from the Upper Ordovician of Baltica, with a discussion of the Bucaniinae. Palaeontology42, 1, 149–169.

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Three species of bucaniid gastropods from the upper Ordovician of Norway and Sweden are revised: Euomphalopterus excavatus is redescribed as a species of Phragmolites with very wide umbilici and ornamentation similar to that of Offleya. Three out of five specimens from the original type series of Temnodiscus lindstroemi remain, representing two different species of two different genera. The original species name is restricted to a species of Phragmolites, whereas two specimens are considered conspecific with Megalomphala? carinata sp. nov., although the high carina, the flaring aperture and the laterally compressed whorls seen in this species are unusual for the genus. The gastropod subfamily Bucaniinae of the family Bucaniidae is here considered to comprise nine genera. Placement of Phragmolites in this family is supported by its deep slit, tangential aperture, transverse growth lines, spiral and collabral ornamentation and the presence of a longitudinal keel on the base of the whorl.
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