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Article: A new Carboniferous rugose coral genus from northern England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 42
Part: 2
Publication Date: April 1999
Page(s): 223 229
Author(s): John R. Nudds
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NUDDS, J. R. 1999. A new Carboniferous rugose coral genus from northern England. Palaeontology42, 2, 223–229.

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Pleionastraea gen. nov. of the family Lithostrotionidae is described from the Lower Carboniferous Brigantian Stage of northern England. Two species, P. magnaP. matura, are referred to it. This astraeoid/thamnasterioid genus is distinguished from Orionastraea by its larger dimensions, but is considered to have followed the same evolutionary trend of a gradual breakdown of the corallite wall.
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