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Article: Some Silurian brachiopods from Lithuania and their palaeobiogeographical significance

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 45
Part: 3
Publication Date: May 2002
Page(s): 595 626
Author(s): Petras Musteikis and Tatyana Lvovna Modzalevskaya
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MUSTEIKIS, P., MODZALEVSKAYA, T. 2002. Some Silurian brachiopods from Lithuania and their palaeobiogeographical significance. Palaeontology45, 3, 595–626.

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Silurian brachiopods are described from 21 boreholes in Lithuania. Nine genera are recognized and represented by one or two species, including the atrypids Atrypoidea, Cromatrypa, Lissatrypa and Septatrypa, athyridids Collarothyris, Nucleospira, Meristina and Pseudoprotathyris, and rhynchonellids Ancillotoechia and Plagiorhyncha. Two new species, Cromatrypa? pubes and Lissatrypa lithuanica, are described. The same taxa are reported from England, Gotland, Belarus and Podolia in Wenlock and Ludlow strata, and from Podolia, Urals, the Canadian Arctic archipelago and Russian Arctic islands in Pridoli strata.
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