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Article: A new carcinosomatid eurypterid from the Upper Silurian of northern Vietnam

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 45
Part: 5
Publication Date: September 2002
Page(s): 897 915
Author(s): Simon J. Braddy, Paul A. Selden and Doan Nhat Truong
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BRADDY, S. J., SELDEN, P. A., TRUONG, D. 2002. A new carcinosomatid eurypterid from the Upper Silurian of northern Vietnam. Palaeontology45, 5, 897–915.

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A new carcinosomatid eurypterid, Rhinocarcinosoma dosonensis sp. nov., and Hughmilleria sp., are described from the Do Son Formation of the Do Son Peninsula, northern Vietnam. R. dosonensis is characterized by podomere 7 of prosomal appendage VI produced into an anterodistal spine, a metastoma with a cordate posterior margin, and an indented opisthosomal differentiation (i.e. preabdomen-postabdomen margin is concave). The Do Son Formation was originally interpreted as Late Devonian (Givetian/Frasnian) in age but the unit containing the eurypterid assemblage is now considered much older (Late Silurian). A deltaic palaeoenvironmental setting is interpreted from biotic associations and sedimentological evidence.
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