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Article: Ctenodactylids from the Lower and Middle Miocene of Saudi Arabia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 47
Part: 6
Publication Date: November 2004
Page(s): 1477 1494
Author(s): Raquel López Antoñanzas and Sevket Sen
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ANTOÑANZAS, R., SEN, S. 2004. Ctenodactylids from the Lower and Middle Miocene of Saudi Arabia. Palaeontology47, 6, 1477–1494.

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The ctenodactylids from the Lower and Middle Miocene of Saudi Arabia are represented by two species: Sayimys intermedius (Sen and Thomas, 1979) and Sayimys assarrarensis sp. nov. This new taxon differs from the other species of Sayimys by its larger size together with an association of characters such as the presence of a metalophulid II in d4 and the strength of the anteroloph and posteroloph in P4. A cladistic analysis involving Prosayimys flynni, Sayimys obliquidens, S. assarrarensis sp. nov., S. intermedius, S. sivalensis, S. baskini, and Metasayimys curvidens is provided. Sayimys assarrarensis sp. nov. nests between Sayimys obliquidens and Metasayimys curvidens as a relatively primitive taxon.
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