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Article: The temnospondyl amphibian Cyclotosaurus from the Upper Triassic of Poland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 48
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 2005
Page(s): 157 170
Author(s): T. Sulej and D. Majer
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SULEJ, T., MAJER, D. 2005. The temnospondyl amphibian Cyclotosaurus from the Upper Triassic of Poland. Palaeontology48, 1, 157–170.

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A gap in the Late Triassic fossil record of the capitosaur amphibian Cyclotosaurus is filled by new material from lacustrine deposits at Krasiejow, Poland, corresponding in age to the Lehrberg Beds (late Carnian) of Germany. The skull of the Polish cyclotosaur is intermediate in several respects between that of Cyclotosaurus robustus from the middle Carnian Schilfsandstein of Germany and the younger C. mordax from the early Norian Stubensandstein. It shows a decrease in the width of the skull and in the degree of concavity of the posterior margin of the skull roof. The differences are significant enough to warrant erection of a novel species, the name Cyclotosaurus intermedius sp. nov. being proposed. The pectoral girdle, identified for the first time in Cyclotosaurus, suggests the genus was more fully adapted to an aquatic mode of life than was Paracyclotosaurus.
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