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Article: Early Cambrian brachiopods from North-East Greenland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 48
Part: 2
Publication Date: March 2005
Page(s): 325 345
Author(s): Christian B. Skovsted and Lars E. Holmer
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SKOVSTED, C. B., HOLMER, L. E. 2005. Early Cambrian brachiopods from North-East Greenland. Palaeontology48, 2, 325–345.

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A diverse assemblage of late Early Cambrian brachiopods is described from the Bastion and Ella Island formations of North-East Greenland. The fauna includes nine species, representing all three extant brachiopod subphyla in addition to the stem group brachiopod Mickwitzia cf. occidens. Four linguliforms: Eoobolus priscus, Botsfordia caelata, Micromitra bella, Vandalotreta sp., three rynchonelliforms: Obolella crassa, Kutorgina reticulata, and an unidentified chileid plus a possible craniiform species occur. The fauna shows similarities to late Early Cambrian (Dyeran Stage) brachiopod faunas of eastern Canada and the United States, but also to faunas from the late Early Cambrian (Botomian-Toyonian equivalent) of Australia, Antarctica and Siberia.
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