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Article: A new hipposiderid genus (Microchiroptera) from an early Miocene bat community in Australia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 48
Part: 2
Publication Date: March 2005
Page(s): 371 383
Author(s): S. J. Hand and M. Archer
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HAND, S. J., ARCHER, M. 2005. A new hipposiderid genus (Microchiroptera) from an early Miocene bat community in Australia. Palaeontology48, 2, 371–383.

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A new genus and species of hipposiderid bat is described from an early Miocene cave deposit (Bitesantennary Site) in the Riversleigh World Heritage fossil property, northern Australia. Eight hipposiderid genera are now recorded from Riversleigh's Miocene sediments: Hipposideros, Brachipposideros, Rhinonycteris, Riversleigha, Xenorhinos, Miophyllorhina, Archerops and Brevipalatus gen. nov. The new taxon appears to be most closely related to Australian endemic Rhinonycteris and Brachipposideros species, but its autapomorphically very short palate distinguishes it from other members of this relatively plesiomorphic group. It is one of eight hipposiderid species recovered from the Bitesantennary Site deposit, and one of 11 recorded from Riversleigh's early Miocene sediments. Compared with modern bat faunas, the early Miocene Riversleigh bat community differs strikingly in its high hipposiderid diversity but may differ less in its overall trophic structure.
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