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Article: The Early Jurassic ammonite Badouxia from British Columbia, Canada

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 49
Part: 4
Publication Date: July 2006
Page(s): 795 816
Author(s): Louise M. Longridge, Paul L. Smith and Howard W. Tipper
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LONGRIDGE, L. M., SMITH, P. L., TIPPER, H. W. 2006. The Early Jurassic ammonite Badouxia from British Columbia, Canada. Palaeontology49, 4, 795–816.

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Most species of the Lower Jurassic ammonite genus Badouxia are restricted to the eastern Pacific where they are of fundamental importance to the Hettangian/Sinemurian ammonite zonation of North America. The fauna from the type area for the genus has been restudied and four species and two transitional forms are now recognized. Badouxia forticostata and Badouxia castlensis are new. Badouxia occidentalis (Frebold) and Badouxia oregonensis Taylor are placed in synonymy with Badouxia canadensis (Frebold). These major taxonomic changes and subsequent modification to the range of B. canadensis require revisions to the current zonation for the Western Cordillera of North America. The Oregonensis Zone is re-named the Mineralense Zone. The Canadensis Zone is abandoned and its previously defined Rursicostatum and Columbiae subzones are elevated to the level of full zones. Large samples indicate that most species of Badouxia display a remarkable range of continuously variable morphology. In addition, the genus shows some of the best-documented evidence of sexual dimorphism in Early Jurassic ammonites. Badouxia spans the Hettangian/Sinemurian boundary and based on the range of different species, five stratigraphic intervals are recognized. Intervals 1-3 correlate with the north-west European Angulata Zone. The majority of interval 4 and the whole of interval 5 correlate with the north-west European Bucklandi Zone. The age of the base of interval 4 is uncertain.

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