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Article: An archaic slime mould in Baltic amber

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 49
Part: 5
Publication Date: September 2006
Page(s): 1013 1017
Author(s): Heinrich Dörfelt and Alexander R. Schmidt
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DÖRFELT, H., SCHMIDT, A. R. 2006. An archaic slime mould in Baltic amber. Palaeontology49, 5, 1013–1017.

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Several sporocarps of a slime mould are preserved on a plant fragment in a piece of Baltic amber (Tertiary, Eocene). The fossil is assigned to the extant genus Protophysarum (Myxomycota sensu stricto, Physarales) and described as P. balticum sp. nov. It is the third record of fossil sporocarps of a slime mould and the second record of the subclass Myxogasteromycetidae. All three records of fossil sporocarps are inclusions in Baltic amber. The find provides new insights regarding the occurrence and phylogeny of myxomycetes in the Palaeogene.
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