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Article: Ludlovian Bryozoa from the Ludlow district

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 5
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1962
Page(s): 195 212
Author(s): David E. Owen
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OWEN, D. E. 1962. Ludlovian Bryozoa from the Ludlow district. Palaeontology5, 2, 195–212.

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The rich Ludlovian bryozoan fauna is discussed and twenty-five species are described, thirteen of them new—Dekayella whitcliffensis, Leptotrypella leintwardinensis, Batostomella hemiseptensis, B. hexamesopora, Bythopom parallela, Eridotrypa umbonensis, Leioclema ludlovensis, L. halloporoides, Anaphragma shucknellensis, Calamotrypa mttlichopensis, Monotrypa patera, Nematopora hexagona, and Rhombopora mesopora. The hollow Calamotrypa is described as a new Trematoporid genus. Monotrypa crenulata Nicholson is discussed and a lectotype chosen. The restricted range of a few species makes them of value to the stratigrapher.
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