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Article: Revision of the genus Amyelon Williamson

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 5
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1962
Page(s): 213 224
Author(s): P. D. W. Barnard
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BARNARD, P. D. W. 1962. Revision of the genus Amyelon Williamson. Palaeontology5, 2, 213–224.

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The two new species of root A. bovius and A. equivius are described from the Cementstone Group of the Scottish Lower Carboniferous. The genus Atnyelon Williamson is reviewed and an emended diagnosis given. The discussion includes a review of palaeozoic roots and their taxonomic treatment together with some comments on the structure of palaeozoic woods of gymnospermous type.
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