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Article: The Silurian trilobite Encrinurus punctatus (Wahlenberg) and allied species

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 5
Part: 3
Publication Date: November 1962
Page(s): 460 477
Author(s): R. P. Tripp
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TRIPP, R. P. 1962. The Silurian trilobite Encrinurus punctatus (Wahlenberg) and allied species. Palaeontology5, 3, 460–477.

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The lectotype pygidium of Encrinurus punctatus (Wahlenberg), the type species, is from the Wenlock Series of the Island of Gotland, in which two allied species of Encrinurus are present; pygidia are not diagnostic but the size of the lectotype indicates that it should be attributed to the species with larger-sized individuals. An E. punctatus species-group is defined; conformity with the basic arrangement of tubercles on cranidium and pygidium is a necessary, but not sufficient, criterion of inclusion. The group includes also the following species: E. macrourus Schmidt, the smaller species from Gotland; E. tuberculatus (Buckland), a name revived for the British Wenlock form commonly referred to E. punctatus; E. stubblefieldi sp. nov. from the Ludlow Series of Shropshire; E. onniensis Whittard from the Upper Llandovery of Shropshire, and E. deomenos sp. nov. from the Jupiter Formation of Anticosti Island.
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