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Article: Some Wenlockian fenestrate Bryozoa

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 5
Part: 3
Publication Date: November 1962
Page(s): 540 549
Author(s): T. G. Miller
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MILLER, T. G. 1962. Some Wenlockian fenestrate Bryozoa. Palaeontology5, 3, 540–549.

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Fenestella rigidula M'Coy 1850 and F. lineata Shrubsole 1880 are considered to be conspecific. Their zooecial chambers are shown to contain structures comparable with the diaphragms of the Trepostomata, and a new genus, Archaeofewstella, is erected to contain them. One new species and two new subspecies are described: Archaeofenestella rigidula polynodosa, Fenestella pseudosubantiqua, and F. pseudosubantiqua catrionae. Elias's (1956) suggestion of the presence, in the English Wenlockian, of d'Orbigny's genus Reteporina from the Devonian is confirmed. A new genus, Neoreteporina, is proposed for certain Carboniferous species described by Nekhoro-shev. Finally the polyphyletic nature of the genus Fenestella is suggested.
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