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Article: Late Jurassic mammalian fossils in the Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 6
Part: 2
Publication Date: May 1963
Page(s): 373 377
Author(s): William A. Clemens
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CLEMENS, W. A. 1963. Late Jurassic mammalian fossils in the Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge. Palaeontology6, 2, 373–377.

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The collection of the Sedgwick Museum contains three mammalian fossils found in the Late Jurassic Purbeck Beds: dentaries of Trioracodon ferox and Spalacotherium tricuspidens and a fragment of a skull of Peralestes longirostris. The dentary of Trioracodon was discovered in 1933. The other two fossils, part of the Brodie collection, demonstrate that the postcanine dentitions of Spalacotherium and Peralestes consist of three premolars and seven molars. Phascolestes dubius is shown to be a junior synonym of Peralestes longirostris.
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