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Article: The Rhaetic–Hettangian bivalve genus Pteromya Moore

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 6
Part: 3
Publication Date: October 1963
Page(s): 582 595
Author(s): L. R. Cox
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COX, L. R. 1963. The Rhaetic–Hettangian bivalve genus Pteromya Moore. Palaeontology6, 3, 582–595.

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Investigation of the genus Pteromya Moore, originally founded onjexternal characters, has led to the conclusion that it should be referred to the family Ceratomyidae, which includes the genera Ceratomya and Gresslya. In addition to its type species, P. crowcombeia Moore, of the Rhaetic, it is considered that Pteromya should also include the basal Hettangian species 'Pleuromya' tatei Richardson & Tutcher, the Upper Rhaetic species 'P.' langportensis R. & T. (described as a variety of P. tatei), and a new Lower Hettangian species Pteromya wilkesleyensis, found in cores from a borehole in Cheshire. As the Pleuromya Beds of the basal Hettangian were so termed because of the abundance of 'P.' tatei in them, the discovery that this species is not a Pleuromya renders the name inappropriate.
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