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Article: The Namurian goniatite Nuculoceras stellarum (Bisat)

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 8
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1965
Page(s): 226 230
Author(s): B. K. Holdsworth
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HOLDSWORTH, B. K. 1965. The Namurian goniatite Nuculoceras stellarum (Bisat). Palaeontology8, 2, 226–230.

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The goniatite previously known as 'Cravenoceratoides stellarum is spirally ornamented and usually possesses a small umbilicus. The early Homoceratina are best classified at generic level in terms of ornament and stellarum should be included in the genus Nuculoceras. English material is described and comparison made with foreign descriptions of the species. A revision of zonal classification in the Arnsbergian Stage (E2) of the Namurian is proposed.
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