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Article: Spongophyllidae from the Devonian Garra Formation, New South Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 9
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1966
Page(s): 544 598
Author(s): D. L. Strusz
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STRUSZ, D. L. 1966. Spongophyllidae from the Devonian Garra Formation, New South Wales. Palaeontology9, 4, 544–598.

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The structure of rugosans belonging to the family Spongophyllidae Edwards and Haime 1873 (here taken to include the Family Ptenophyllidae Wedekind 1923) is discussed in detail. Representatives of the Family occurring in the Emsian (or possibly early Eifelian) Garra Formation are revised or described. The Australian species ascribed to Acanthophyllum are reviewed, Pseudochonophyllum Soshkina is fully revised, and its type (and only) species, P. pseudohelianthoides (Sherzer) is shown to occur only in Czechoslovakia and eastern Australia. Grypophyllum aggregatum Hill is placed in Lyrielasma Hill. Australophyllum Stumm is discussed and its species are reviewed. Several of the eastern Australian Devonian faunas, previously thought to range from Coblenzian to late Eifelian, are considered to be probably Emsian.New species described are: Acanthophyllum (Acanthophyllum) aeneae, A. (Neostringophyllum) implicatum, A. (N.) turni, A. (Grypophyllum) jenkinsi, Lyrielasmal micrum, Australophyllum bilaterale.
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