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Papers in Palaeontology

ISSN 2056-2802 (online) | ISSN 2056-2799 (print)

Papers in Palaeontology includes papers that document the diversity of past life and its distribution in time and space.  As a sister publication to Palaeontology, its focus is on descriptive research, including descriptions of new taxa, systematic revisions of higher taxa, detailed palaeoecological, biostratigraphical and biogeographical documentation, and descriptions of significant floras and faunas from specific localities or regions. Submissions to Papers in Palaeontology should consider the broader implications and present the key questions and conclusions of the work in a wider context. In general, descriptions of single taxa, or local case studies which are primarily of interest to taxonomic or regional specialists, are likely to be too narrow in scope to be considered for the journal.

Subscribers to Palaeontology also have free online access to Papers in Palaeontology.  Gold open access is an option available to authors on payment of an article processing charge (APC).  Members of the Palaeontological Association have free access to all content.