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Progressive Palaeontology 2023 - Liverpool, UK: Workshops & Events

Year: 2023
Location: Liverpool, UK
Hosted By: University of Liverpool
Organised By: Samuel Cross (co-chair), Matthew Dempsey (co-chair), Amber Wood-Bailey (co-chair)
General Contact Email:

Workshops & Events

Workshops and events for ProgPal 2023 are outlined below.

Public Seminar 

On the evening of the 31st of May 2023, we will be hosting a public seminar series in our iconic Victoria Gallery & Museum, which will showcase the contributions of local researchers to palaeontology. Presenters have been decided and will be revealed on our social media in due course. While the focus on this seminar is outreach and engagement, ProgPal delegates are welcome as members of the public. If you find yourself arriving early for the conference, please do consider dropping by for this event!


We are delighted to offer delegates the choice of two excellent workshops, which will take place on the first day of the conference. Please note that delegates may only sign up for one workshop, as they take place concurrently. 

How to weigh your animal: An introduction to volumetric methods in vertebrate palaeontology - Delegates will be introduced to 3D volumetric principles and their application to the study of the functional morphology of extinct animals. The session will start with a talk from Dr. Karl Bates, covering the history and application of 3D volumetric methods in palaeontological research. A practical session will follow, in which delegates will be provided with partially prepared 3D skeleton models, and will be taught how to divide the skeleton of their choice into major body segments, and how to calculate skeletal mass properties using Blender. Skeleton models will be sourced from public domain repositories (e.g. Smithsonian DPO).
Art and Palaeontology: The history and applications of illustration to our research - Led by Matt Dempsey, this workshop will encourage delegates to examine the role of the visual arts in palaeontology via an extended talk with interactive elements and an open Q&A session. Topics covered will include the influence of extinct animal artwork from the media, the application and importance of illustration to palaeontological research and public outreach, and advice on improving scientific illustration skills, working with artists, etc.

Social Events

Icebreaker: on the evening of Day 1 we will hold an icebreaker event where delegates can connect and socialise in a relaxed environment. We will provide beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and there will be team quiz. 
Informal Pub Trip: After the icebreaker, at the end of Day 1, the committee will be heading down to a local pub and would be delighted to welcome any delegates along. This is an informal separate event and not directly related to the conference. 
Conference Dinner (with auction and awards): The annual dinner will take place at the end of Day 2 at the Duke Street Food & Drink Market. The Duke Street Market is a food hall with a broad choice of vendors, which caters to a wide variety of dietary needs. Registration to attend the conference dinner at the privately booked Duke Street Food & Drink Market function room is free, but attendees will be expected to order and pay for their own food and drink at the venue on the day. We will be holding the live Auction and handing out presentation prizes afterwards.

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