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Article: Permian corals from northern Iraq

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 1
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1958
Page(s): 174 192
Author(s): R. G. S. Hudson
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HUDSON, R. G. S. 1958. Permian corals from northern Iraq. Palaeontology1, 3, 174–192.

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Rugose corals from the Zinnar Limestone Formation (Artinskian) of northern Iraq are allocated to the Waagenophyllidae fam. nov. and grouped as Waagenophyllinae Wang 1950 (redefined) or Wentzelellinae subfam. nov. The lower part of the formation, with abundant Polydiexodina, is of Parafusulina age and the upper of possible Neoschwagerina age. New morphological terms for the rugose corais are explained and Ipciphyllum ipci gen et sp. nov. and Wentzellophyllum gen. nov. are described. Michelinia favositoides Girty is re-established as a valid species.
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