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Article: Rochdalia, a Carboniferous insect nymph

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 10
Part: 2
Publication Date: June 1967
Page(s): 307 313
Author(s): W. D. Ian Rolfe
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ROLFE, W. D. 1967. Rochdalia, a Carboniferous insect nymph. Palaeontology10, 2, 307–313.

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Since its original description Rochdalia Woodward 1913 has been cited as an Upper Carboniferous representative of the branchiopod crustacean Order Anostraca or, more exceptionally, as one of the Trilobitomorpha. Restudy of the unique specimen from Sparth Bottoms, Lancashire, shows it to be a juvenile instar of an insect nymph. Such nymphs are difficult to classify, but Rochdalia can tentatively be identified with the family Breyeriidae in the Order Palaeodictyoptera.With the elimination of Branchipusites and possibly Opabinia from the Anostraca by Guthorl (1934) and Raymond (1935), only the poorly known Gilsonicaris is left as a Palaeozoic member of this order.
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