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Article: Upper Cretaceous coccolithophorids from Zululand, South Africa

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 11
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1968
Page(s): 361 367
Author(s): Richard N. Pienaar
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PIENAAR, R. N. 1968. Upper Cretaceous coccolithophorids from Zululand, South Africa. Palaeontology11, 3, 361–367.

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A detailed study of some Upper Cretaceous calcareous nannoplankton of Zululand was undertaken, utilizing the optical as well as the electron microscope. Nine new species belonging to five genera are described as viewed in the electron microscope. These are Coccolithus cribosphaerella, Coccolithus zuluensium, Cyclolithus zulua, Discolithus cristallinus, Discolithus rhabdosphaericus, Discolithus spiralis, Maslovella africana, Maslovella blackii, and Maslovella pulchra. Using the sequential occurrence of the coccoliths through the top 800 ft. of 'Zululand Oil Exploration' Borehole 'A' the age was determined as being Cretaceous Maestrichtian.
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