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Article: The skull of Fabrosaurus australis, a Triassic ornithischian dinosaur

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 13
Part: 3
Publication Date: October 1970
Page(s): 414 432
Author(s): Richard A. Thulborn
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THULBORN, R. A. 1970. The skull of Fabrosaurus australis, a Triassic ornithischian dinosaur. Palaeontology13, 3, 414–432.

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The skull of Fabrosaurus australis is described in detail. This study is based upon previously undescribed specimens from the late Triassic Red Beds of Lesotho.The presence of a predentary bone at the mandibular symphysis substantiates Ginsburg's concept (1964) of Fabrosaurus as a member of the order Ornithischia—though there is no evidence for any close relationship between Fabrosaurus and the Liassic Scelidosaurus. Certain cranial features (the toothed premaxilla, the inter-parietal suture) indicate that Fabrosaurus should be referred to the family Hypsilophodontidae of the suborder Ornithopoda. Ornithischian origins and ornithopod phylogeny are re-examined in the light of new evidence from Fabrosaurus. Fabrosaurus seems to be a fairly direct antecedent of Hypsilophodon and appears to fulfil many of the requirements of a genuine 'archetypal' Ornithischian.
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