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Article: The Tethyan Jurassic stromatoporoids Stromatoporina, Dehornella, and Astroporina

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 2
Part: 2
Publication Date: March 1960
Page(s): 180 199
Author(s): R. G. S. Hudson
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HUDSON, R. G. S. 1960. The Tethyan Jurassic stromatoporoids Stromatoporina, Dehornella, and AstroporinaPalaeontology2, 2, 180–199.

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Certain Tethyan Jurassic stromatoporoids, some formerly allocated to the Palaeozoic genus Stromatopora, are described with new morphological terms, and grouped in the family Parastromatoporidae (super-family Milleporellicae). Dehornella Lecompte 1952 is reassessed and Stromatopora choffati Dehorne 1917, sometimes erroneously allocated to Stromatoporina Kuhn 1928 (Stromatoporinidae Ktihn 1928) of which the type species Stromatopora tornquisti Deninger 1906 is redescribed, is allocated to it. Stromatopora harrarensis Wells 1943 is also allocated to Dehornella and specimens from Oman, Sinai, and Israel are described. Newly founded species are Dehornella omanensis from Oman and D. crustans from Israel.Astroporina gen. nov., characterized by a coenosteum consisting almost entirely of conjoined astrosystems, includes A. stellifera sp. nov. and A. stellans sp. nov. from Somaliland, and A. orientalis sp. nov. and related forms from the Lebanon, Somaliland, and Oman.
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