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Article: Triassic conodonts from Sumatra

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 22
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1979
Page(s): 737 746
Author(s): I. Metcalfe, T. Koike, M. B. Rafek and N. S. Haile
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METCALFE, I., KOIKE, T., RAFEK, M. B., HAILE, N. S. 1979. Triassic conodonts from Sumatra. Palaeontology22, 3, 737–746.

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Conodonts are for the first time recorded from Sumatra. Limestones near Prapat, Lake Toba, northern Sumatra have yielded conodont faunas characteristic of the Late Carnian Metapolygnathus polygnathiformis conodont zone. Limestones in the Sawahlunto area of central Sumatra have also yielded probable Late Triassic conodonts.
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