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Article: Maastrichtian arenaceous foraminifera from north-western Nigeria

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 22
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1979
Page(s): 947 963
Author(s): S. W. Petters
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PETTERS, S. W. 1979. Maastrichtian arenaceous foraminifera from north-western Nigeria. Palaeontology22, 4, 947–963.

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The Dukamaje Formation in north-western Nigeria was deposited in and around a shallow embayment of the Tethys Sea which existed in the south-central Saharan region during the Middle and Late Maastrichtian. An entirely arenaceous foraminiferal assemblage occurs in the lower and upper shales of the Dukamaje Formation, while the middle marl band contains both calcareous and arenaceous species. Thirteen new arenaceous foraminiferal species are described, namely: Haplophragmoides hausa, H. nigeriense, H. sahariense, H. saheliense, H. talokaense, Miliammina inflata, M. tsogaensis, Textularia dukamajina, T. fulani, T. gidankukaensis, T. gilbedina, T. rimaensis, and Trochammina dutsuna.
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