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Article: Devonian spores from Melville Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 3
Part: 1
Publication Date: May 1960
Page(s): 26 44
Author(s): Duncan Colin McGregor
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MCGREGOR, D. 1960. Devonian spores from Melville Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Palaeontology3, 1, 26–44.

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Twenty-four species of spores are described from a bituminous coal of Melville Island. Of these, twenty species of small spores and three species of megaspores are new, and two of the latter represent new genera, Hystricosporites and Circumsporites. Evidence suggests that lycopsids were dominant constituents in the flora which produced the spores. The assemblage differs distinctly from those described by Naumova (1953) and may contain elements of an uppermost Devonian-Lower Carboniferous flora, related to assemblages detected elsewhere in the Canadian Arctic. The geological significance of the assemblage is indicated.
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