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Article: The Llandovery enteletacean brachiopods of the central Oslo region, Norway

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 31
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1988
Page(s): 1101 1129
Author(s): B. Gudveig Baarli
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BAARLI, B. 1988. The Llandovery enteletacean brachiopods of the central Oslo region, Norway. Palaeontology31, 4, 1101–1129.

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Details of the precise change in brachiopod faunas from the Ordovician to the Silurian systems are elusive. A rich shelly fauna spans the Ordovician/Silurian boundary in the Oslo Region. The brachiopods are the most prominent group represented in the lower Silurian Solvik Formation and among these the enteletaceans are most abundant Several of these earliest occurring enteletaceans show a Bohemian affinity. Many of the genera described mark their first or last world-wide occurrence in this region. One genus and nine new species are described out of a total of twenty enteletacean species; the remainder are reviewed and redescribed as necessary. The new genus is Kampella and the new species are: Resserella matutina, Mendacella bleikeriensis, Marklandella markesi, Kampella guttula, ?Paurorthis inopinatus, ?Diorthelasma semotum, Salopina pumila, Chrustenopora askeriensis, and Jezercia rongi. One family, the Chrustenoporidae, is elevated from subfamily rank and transferred from the Orthacea to the Enteletacea.
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